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Grave Upheaval - Grave Upheaval

Grave Upheaval - Grave Upheaval

Label : Nuclear War Now! Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : When the band consists of members of Temple Nightside, Impetuous Ritual and Portal you won’t expect a happy prancing power metal album. Be assured, we’re not getting that in this case. It is squalid, foggy, cavernous death metal of the nastiest and most evil kind. For the biggest part of humanity it will just all come across as a total mush of noise. But for the connoisseur it is pure bliss, 57 minutes of sulphur being poured into one’s ears. Slow, lifeless, Death itself, hypnotizing, hallucinating, spacious yet enclosed and claustrophobic. Something that has to be undergone and should not be resisted. Revel in the misery, inhale the toxic fumes. Let it affect you and let it lead you to the deepest and blackest part of your soul.

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