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Goreworm - The Path To Oblivion

Goreworm - The Path To Oblivion

Label : CDN Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Goreworm is a Canadian band that plays technical death metal and the band consists of five young guys who have listened carefully to compatriots like Archspire and Beyond Creation. They have only existed for 1 year now and have only done a few gigs and yet they have already released their first album. The sound of the boys consists of a combination of technique and brutality, a bit like The Black Dahlia Murder and Arsis, so a tendency towards the more melodic variation in technical death metal.

The songs consist of good riffs and breaks, but you still hear clearly that they do not have that much experience yet, because sometimes it sounds like songs are over too quickly or are being cut short. A good prelude for the future is 'Family Matters' that offers a story with a clear beginning and an end and radiates a certain maturity that belongs to a band in this genre. However, with this EP 'The Path To Oblivion' you have a very nice collection of songs, with 'Family Matters' and 'Final Nightmare' as outliers. If they can join a fun tour, that experience will surely result in a bunch of new good songs for a full album.

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