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Critical Mess - Human Prey

Critical Mess - Human Prey

Label : Metalville | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : Critical Mess is the next death metal band with a girl on vocals. It has become so commonplace like Urbi et Orbi at Easter that there is no reason to elaborate about that fact anymore. Then it is up to the band to distinguish themselves in a purely substantive way. The question is whether that was achieved with the debut album of these Germans. I can be brief about that: no. The album is a solid death metal album with a few moments that stand out, has a decent sound and enough anger and aggression. However, it does not differ in any way from all those thousands of similar acts. And that makes sense when you consider how many comparable albums are released monthly. It is not too bad either. This album sounds good and the band does not have to be ashamed about it, but when I check my collection I must conclude that this album adds nothing really important. Fine, solid death metal so you will not dislike it, but it does not stand out in any way so I can’t really recommend it. If you like all good death metal, then you will probably like it anyway.

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