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Behemoth - Messe Noire

Behemoth - Messe Noire

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under black metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : Since Behemoth in February 2014 impressively came back with the album ’The Satanist’ after Nergal’s recovery, their popularity swiftly increased. Soon they decided to play the entire new album live during an extensive world tour. Indeed, I think every fan of occult black/death metal has experienced this imposing show in the meantime. When we were confronted with it the first times, this ought to be really overwhelming and captivating. Thus it is nothing but quite rightly that they registered it in a professional manner now, so that it is saved for next generations. It also makes us surmise – actually we know for sure – that this issue signifies a closing of a chapter and that we will be able to welcome new work soon.

Two shows of 2016 were chosen for this release. The first show took place in Warszawa. The title ‘Messe Noire’ is obviously based on a song on ‘The Satanist’, but it also stands for the general atmosphere on this occult, dark happening with its proper ritual character. It is really impressive how the band hits the stage with torches of fire, making the Satanic altar lit up to the sky. Add the crushing harsh music and the grimness on the musician’s faces to that and you know that you will be safe to wallow into a slightly uneasy yet sinister happening. The entire album is played, sometimes with black and white images for a moment and as encore they play five older songs. During ‘At The Left Hand Ov God’ Orion has any assistance from a guest drummer. The second show – with the same set list and only three older songs since it was a festival show – was eternalized on the Czech Brutal Assault Festival, a fest we grandly enjoyed for many years. The audience is very enthusiastic and although they mention that these are bootleg recordings, there is nothing to complain about sound or vision. Okay, you will notice that the first show was recorded with more pro equipment, but all in all a great registration. Finally one can find the six video clips they have shot for songs of ‘The Satanist’ on this DVD/Blu-ray. Thus this is the moment to catch the rollercoaster Behemoth in full glory! The ultimate experience of the live show of ‘The Satanist’ era is now within reach with two gigs, all video shoots and selective older classics!

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