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Kamelot - The Shadow Theory

Kamelot - The Shadow Theory

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The American progressive power metal band Kamelot is already for more than twenty years an established act within the genre and that has everything to do with the quality level of the albums that they deliver. Also this, meanwhile twelfth full-length studio album, ‘The Shadow Theory’ has become a mighty-fine work of art and will definitely appeal to anyone that loves passionate, adventurous and theatrical metal with balls. They haven’t changed much compared to their 2015 release ‘Haven’ and that’s only for the better because all the meanwhile known Kamelot ingredients are present in abundance and that has once more resulted in a very enjoyable end product.

In my opinion the song material on ‘The Shadow Theory’ is in fact even a tad better than what was to be found on ‘Haven’ and especially the bombastic musical interpretation of the songs and the phenomenal vocals of Tommy Karevik are still the most important assets of the Kamelot sound. Next to the intro ‘The Mission’ no less than twelve beautiful tunes are to be found on ‘The Shadow Theory’ and especially ‘Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)’ (with a guest contribution of Once Human female singer Lauren Hart), ‘Ravenheart’, ‘Amnesiac’ and ‘Burn The Embrace’ are very impressive. The absolute highlight of the entire record is however the fantastic duet with Beyond The Black female singer Jennifer Haben entitled ‘In Twilight Hours’, which is a truly great ballad which will for sure give you the necessary goosebumps.

‘The Shadow Theory’ is in accordance with the best Kamelot tradition however a very strong album from start to finish and therefore the band exactly brings what’s expecting from them. Kamelot just is and remains a true world-class act which always delivers magnificent, at times somewhat dark song material with a star roll for singer Tommy Karevik. The by Sascha Paeth provided production makes sure that everything really blasts out of your speakers and that contributes enormously to the very enjoyable listening experience . If there still would be any people that doubt the added value of Kamelot to the progressive metal scene, then the band will prove they’re wrong in a very convincing way with this ‘The Shadow Theory’ record. Kamelot rules…so make sure to be present on September 14th in 013 where the recordings will be done for the next year to be released live-DVD, because that’s absolutely going to be a great party again!

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