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Darius - Clôture

Darius - Clôture

Label : Czar Of Crickets Productions | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Job : I reviewed Darius’ previous effort ‘Grain’ back in 2015 and had to state that the music didn’t really haze me. The instrumental post rock these gentlemen played wasn’t all that interesting to me. With the new EP ‘Cloture’ coming out soon, I was tasked with giving the band another shot. My musical preferences have been expanding since 2015 so maybe this time around, I would be down with the long-winded post rock these guys play?

Unfortunately, not really. The band still seems to throw composition out of the window at times and with the long-winded instrumental nature of their sound, that’s almost disorienting. Hardly ever is there a clear purpose to what the band plays and at times it feels as though they don’t know where they’re headed themselves. A song like ‘Charlotte’, for instance, takes three minutes of your time before you’re even treated to any real musicianship, after which the buildup towards a crescendo is ended prematurely. Where Mono might be the long crowned kings of building towards tension and release, Darius seems to be a peasant in comparison. I’d let this one slip, no harm done if you do.

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