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Horrorscope - Altered Worlds Practice

Horrorscope - Altered Worlds Practice

Label : Defense Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Horrorscope started in 1996 as Disonance, changed their names and released five full-length studio albums: ‘Wrong Side Of The Road’ (1999), ‘Pictures Of Pain’ (2001), ‘The Crushing Design’ (2005), ‘Evoking Demons’ (2006) and ‘Delicioushell’ (2014) as well as a demo, a live album (‘Live Collission’, 2003) and an EP which can be seen as a demo MCD in anticipation to their ‘The Crushing Design’ album (that one has the same title and same cover as well as partly the same songs).

With these kind of achievements, its pretty weird the Polish band has never been mentioned in Lords Of Metal before. With their new album ‘Altered Worlds Practice’, which is out on Defense Records (Poland), the group finally enters the ranks of our pretty little magazine. Horrorscope plays thrash metal with a preposterous crunch and a thick layer of groove. These people are very skilled and fans of Pantera, Hatesphere, Dew Scented, Darkane and Overkill of course can buy this one instantly.

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