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Disconnected - White Colossus

Disconnected - White Colossus

Label : Apathia Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : One of the groundbreaking metal bands in the field of modern metal in England is Architects, but as tradition has required for centuries, France could not stay behind and Disconnected became their answer. Describing the band by pigeonholing them to a certain genre is impossible. You hear some metalcore, but also pure rock songs with enough room to experiment in electronics. The melodic and the emotional are highly regarded. Elements of top acts such as Gojira, Hacride, Deftones and Alter Bridge all come back somewhere. One thing is certain though: they have made a very strong debut album. Do not think that these are all newbies because the band members have already made a name for themselves with bands like Melted Space, Heavy Duty and many others. No risks where taken for the production either. Fran├žois-Maxime Boutault (Behemoth, Dagoba, Loudblast) provided a fresh and modern ending sound. Just listen to opener 'Living Incomplete'. Fast guitar work and a nice grunt that alternates with polyphonic clear vocals in the choruses, followed up in 'Blind Faith'. Grunt and clean vocals alternate. The guitar solos you get to hear would not look out of place on a rock song. Only after 'Wounded Heart' passes, do you realize at what high level this band is playing. It may be complicated pieces that you hear, you are literally grabbed by the throat and taken away and that journey goes all the way. 'For All Our Sakes' even starts with a didgeridoo, oriental string instruments and that typical lament from the Levantine region. Gojira is no longer the only French top band. Disconnected can safely stand beside them.

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