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Toxikull - The Nightraiser

Toxikull - The Nightraiser

Label : Mosher Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen W. : If you're ready for a piece of nostalgic and delicious sounding heavy, speed and thrash metal that sounds completely retro, than check the Portuguese band Toxikull. 'The Nightraiser' is their second EP and contains six nice songs. Singer Lex Thunder has a fantastic sounding voice and is often in the higher regions where Rob Halford can only dream of these days. The guitar work consists of fast riffs such as Metallica and Megadeth played in their early years and melodic lead guitar solos. Everything is finished just great. You can already hear that in opener 'Nightraiser'. How nice and tight this sounds. 'Surrender Or Die' has a chorus vocal that continues to haunt you for several days. The guitar work you hear would not have been done better by Hetfield and Hammett / Mustaine during their 'Kill Em All' period. 'Satan Bloody Satan' sounds a bit darker and goes more towards the Black Sabbath direction. It ends with a cover of the slightly lesser-known Hollywood Rose. Turns out that this is the band that Axl Rose started his career with. Fans of the better retro metal will be thrilled by this.

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