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Malchus - Ur

Malchus - Ur

Label : Nasz Sklep | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Malchus happens to be a Polish melodic death metal band showing a lot of skillfulness and joy of playing. ‘UR’ is their fourth album and you instantly notice that the guys are technical upper-class. However they write songs with a certain catchy degree. Our Polish friends have often the tendency to explain everything in their vernacular language and that’s the case for Malchus as well. Not only the lyrics are in Polish, but every word on the CD and most of the information on their Facebook too.

Consequently we will focus on the music only. It starts rather ethnic in ‘Krol’, but soon they burst out in full metallic heaviness. They cut loose at maximum velocity with a raucous grunt of vocalist/guitarist Radoslaw Solek who wrote all the music and the lyrics. A surprising interlude with piano and atmospheric sounds lead towards a powerful eruption again. There is also a contribution on flute. ‘Wzrastanie’ is more straight forward brutality, even with a –core edge and the raging ‘Zniewolony’ includes a fine guitar solo that improves it. The band built in proper variegation and that is a pro, since ‘Oblicze Milczenia’ happens to be a moment of reflection with piano, slow and drawling, with spoken clean parts before getting wilder again. It has a catchy melody. ‘Adventus’ reminded me a bit of Metallica, kind of melo thrash-like. Followed by the mediocre up-tempo ‘VIII’. In the middle of the album one can find two longer tracks. The title track has excellent guitar work, a Middle Eastern tinge from time to time and ends in a surprising way with slackening down pace and a religious choir. By the way, I think that the lyrics deal with Christianity. The second long song starts fast and it includes ethnic sounding female vocals that give it a weird feel. Again a slower part and an ending with introvert classical piano. The band seems to have a patent on that, since the next songs also have a surprising ending, calm and sometimes even symphonic. The last couple of songs are regaled tastefully with any symphonic arrangements. And so we have shined a light on more or less the whole extended musical pallet of these Polish musicians. An interesting band for those who have a liking for melo death metal, with no objections against some experiments outside the genre and lack of musical boundaries.

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