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Evil Hunter - Evil Hunter

Evil Hunter - Evil Hunter

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Evil Hunter is a Spanish heavy metal formation that uses double guitars, a shrieking singer and a harmonic sound to get the classic heavy metal from the glory days to the Iberian peninsula. The self-titled album contains just over one half an hour of music and in this music we are treated on everything that made this genre so immensely popular three decades ago. Striking band member is singer Damián, who manages to halfway a hoarse Rob Halford and Axl Rose after a crash course in NWOBHM. Much of the material is pure nostalgia, like ‘Surf The Waves’, that could have been a Primal Fear song for al we know, and the more melodic ‘Heartbeat’. A slightly more modern touch is found in the title track, which features a lower pace and lower sound. In ‘Hot Leather’ we have found the Judas Priest song. Anything truly shocking is not found on this album, but the wailing solos, double bass fury and of course the strident cries of Damián are a guarantee for enjoyment. Fans of metal from the good old days can definitely give this record a try.

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