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Karma Violens - Serpent God

Karma Violens - Serpent God

Label : Growl Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : With names like Rotting Christ, Varathron and SepticFlesh, Greece has delivered the finest bands in the black and death metal scene. With Karma Violens there is another band in the list. They debuted with the EP 'Katara' om which they played metalcore. In 2011 their first full-length album 'Dormancy' was released, mixed by Tim Lambesis, the former As I Lay Dying singer. Their next full-length followed in 2015 with 'Skin Of Existence' and now their third long player 'Serpent God' is almost in the shops.

Musically there’s no metalcore anywhere to be found anymore. The band has completely taken the extreme metal direction. Right from the intro 'Men Of Gibeah' they know how to create a very dreary feeling with Eastern singing and the threatening ejection of a horn. That goes on with nine very dark songs in which especially Behemoth was taken as an example. Not that Karma Violens has become a clone of Nergal and his friends. The thrash metal influences will see to that. There is not many superfast playing, although it sounds like the drumskins are flying all around. It is especially that lasting gloomy atmosphere that keeps running throughout the album. Passages with devilish whispering voices, Gregorian choirs and even some electronics are not shunned. Everyone who prefers wearing his crucifix upside down, shy’s away from the daylight and kicks on nuns in lingerie who prefers to kiss the ass of a goat will go crazy with this music.

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