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Kalmah - Palo

Kalmah - Palo

Label : Spinefarm | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Sometimes, the big boss gives me bands to review that causes a level of shame due to the fact I did not even know the band. The Finnish group Kalmah is clearly an example of this. The first notes of ’Palo’ caused a mumbled exclamation of “wow” over here. A bit of searching taught that this group has been creating music for an impressive twenty years already and this is no less then album number eight. The latest one, ‘Seventh Swamphony’, was released back in 2013, which might explain a lot since that was not a time when this sort of metal was found on my playlists.

The advantage of this ignorance is an unbiased view, and with an unbiased view I can tell you that this band has me charmed. This stuff makes me think of bands like Wintersun, Norther, but in the slower parts also Insomnium pops up. Though the guys seem to have a textual obsession with swamps (almost up to the level of parody), the music sounds nicely varied. There is space for typical fast melodic death like in opener ‘Blood Ran Cold’, ‘Into The Black Marsh’ and ‘Waiting In The Wings’. The more accessible stuff of Children Of Bodom we can find in ‘The Evil Kin’. ‘Take Me Away’ has some Amorphis vibe in it due to the taste piano. Oh, and do I really hear Abba in ‘the Stalker’? All in all this is a record that will not have you sitting bored, and it will definitely appeal to fans in this genre. The band gained at least one new fan with this album, verified by yours truly.

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