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Hexed - Netherworld

Hexed - Netherworld

Label : Vicisolum Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Swedish heavy metal outfit Hexed was founded in 2015 by female singer Tina Gunnarsson and guitar player Stellan Gunnarsson, who had played together in several bands already and at that time had the urge to start a new adventure. The idea was to write adventurous heavy metal tunes with a focus on powerful, yet melodic guitar riffs, in which the power voice of Tina would really excel. After finishing this song material bass player Daniel Hakansson and drummer Teddy Möller were added to the line-up and Hexed became a real band.

The in 2017 independently released three-track promo-EP ‘Exhaling Life’ was the first real sign of life from the band and that resulted in a contract with the Swedish label ViciSolum Productions. Meanwhile they had already finished the recordings for their debut full-length album ‘Netherworld’, which is now brought to market at the end of March 2018 and which clearly shows that Hexed is an absolute worthwhile addition to the metal scene. The ten songs on offer are to be categorized as somewhat modern sounding no-nonsense heavy metal with a lot of attention for the lovely riffs of Stellan Gunnarsson and the great vocals of female singer Tina Gunnarsson.

From the very first listen songs like ‘Lightyears’, ‘Remake My Soul’ (with a guest performance of Tad Morose singer Ronny Hemlin), ‘Forsaken’ and ‘Exhaling Life’ (with guest singer Thomas Vikstrom) grab you by the throat to never let go anymore. The mighty fine song material offers female singer Tina Gunnarsson the opportunity to showcase her enormous vocal capabilities and I might say that she really grabs that opportunity whole-heartedly. Her voice is pure and powerful and fits perfectly with the Hexed song material, which contributes enormously to the very pleasant listening experience that ‘Netherworld’ certainly has become.

As such this ‘Netherworld’ record has become a very well succeeded debut album and Hexed proves to be a strong, new band within the genre, that will certainly become a force to reckon with in the future. Fans of somewhat modern sounding power metal should definitely give this a serious try as it would really surprise me if they wouldn’t be impressed by what Hexed has to offer on this debut album.

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