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Crematory - Oblivion

Crematory - Oblivion

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : While preparing a new interview with Crematory on behalf of their new album ‘Oblivion’, we stumbled upon bitter conclusions of band leader Markus Jüllich, due to the fact that only few people were willing to buy physical copies these days or go to concerts. Yet the new album ‘Oblivion’ happens to be quite okay. We always kept a certain degree of sympathy for the band, based on their efforts in the nineties. Inspired by Paradise Lost, they jumped upon the train of success of doom/gothic metal acts. When they started to include dance rhythms and electro/industrial influences into their music from ‘Revolution’ on, we had to get used to that, but finally these happened to be fetching, catchy tunes. Nevertheless, amongst the most recent albums, we grandly prefer the doom ridden ‘Pray’ far above the rest.

On the new album ‘Oblivion’, Crematory unites all influences from their entire career. Three new members have more input since previous album ‘Monument’ and it means that rhythm guitarist Tosse Basler has a leading role as clean vocalist, in addition to the low-ranged growls of Stass. His voice seems a bit too sweet and sleek for Crematory I think. Together with the penchant of going into an up-tempo electro catchy direction, that might be one of the reasons for fading success. Anyways, ‘Oblivion’ brims with fetching tunes, mostly stamping and inciting, others (such as the title track) are rather melancholic. A couple of songs were regaled with orchestration by Stefan Glass, Dirk Riegner added any influences from the Indie scène and guitarist Walter Stobbe stands for a proper heavy metal feel in two songs. It does not cause any remarkable changes, since it is all put into the Crematory blender and that’s something you will like or not. We always enjoyed the uncomplicated music, but in current times it might be too poppy or more of the same, although we can name many other bands with the same tactics while being very successful. We will see what the future will bring…

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