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Above Aurora - Path To Ruin

Above Aurora - Path To Ruin

Label : Pagan Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Roel de Haan : ‘Path To Ruin´ is the title of the new ep by the Polish outfit Above Aurora. The sound of the band could be characterised as akin to bands like Furia, Mgla, and Morowe. Which means that these three tracks are carefully constructed to convey a certain atmosphere of bleakness and sorrow with traces of hatred and aggression. And Above Aurora a well versed in this style. ‘Path To Ruin’ is a slowly developing mini album that holds three black metal gems. Especially the title track has a certain urgency without feeling rushed and features some creative and eerie use of horns. Above Aurora plays around with variation and repetition. And with dissonance and harmony. Topped off by the excellent low growls of the vocalist. ‘Path To Ruin’ is bound to be enjoyed by fans the Polish black metal scene. I know I did.

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