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Road To Jerusalem - Road To Jerusalem

Road To Jerusalem - Road To Jerusalem

Label : Vicisolum Productions | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : O god, no please, not again. A supergroup? Or rather, a hobby band. Because for the qualification of supergroup these four men are not well known enough. Who are in the band then you wonder? Well, we have Per Møller Jensen (The Haunted) and Michael Skovbakke (Konkhra) as well as Andreas Holma (Hypocrisy, Soilwork). Bands from the heavy genre. The music of Road To Jerusalem is of a completely different order; it's pure classic rock. Music for lovers of Led Zeppelin and related bands.

'As a result of a deep desire to express their own emotions and pure-self through music', the gentlemen started with this project. Well, yes sure. Can I please puke here? The nonsense bands come up with, terrible. As if someone cares why these guys who normally play thrash metal, now have the time to do something completely different. So be it. The fact is that this has become a nice album! There is very good music on the CD; the versatile guitars of Skovbakke are impressive (he plays really varied and manages both the quiet parts as in 'Them' as well as the more blunting blues rock material of the band). But also the vocals of the American singer Josh Tyree are just fine; he sings smoothly and doses very well. The songs are all short and powerful (between 3 and 4 minutes) and are well put together. The production of Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn) is good and transparent. So do not be distracted by all that stuff from the promo people behind this band (on their site is the phrase 'new fresh approach to heavy music', are you kidding me?), because Road To Jerusalem releases an damn fine album!

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