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Spiders  - Killer Machine

Spiders - Killer Machine

Label : Spinefarm | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The new Spiders album ‘Killer Machine’ kicks off with an easy consumable up-tempo driving song, followed by the new single ‘Dead Or Alive’, a pretty slick produced retro bubble-gum rocker. After this, they proceed with another up-tempo track and the title-song. Until now there are no surprises, but the band delivers very decent and properly performed material.

The really interesting work starts with ‘Like A Wild Child’; a very catchy riff (truly hard to sit still with this one) in combination with very tasteful supporting lead guitar and a chorus heading partly the poppy Miley Cyrus path, but remains simply remarkably consumable. ‘Higher Spirits’ is heading the Jefferson Airplane direction again with staccato verses and something reminding me of our own Earth & Fire, with a chorus making me think of (a retro rocking) ABBA in a way. This is easily followed by an up-tempo rocker with great drive, which gets even better with the (building toward the) furious solo. With ‘So Easy’ the band returns a bit more to the early stuff from their debut album, with slightly more unconventional approaches in arrangements and a very interesting more sloppy, acid-rock element (and once more that zip of Earth & Fire). A beautiful laid-back moment is created with the tasteful ballad ‘Don’t Need You’ where the lead guitar creates some truly great atmospheres and solo’s and the vocals remind me of Chrissie Hynde at her best. An up-tempo rocker and a diverse ‘Heartbreak’ (including very suitable harmonica work) are the finishing touch of this album; mission accomplished I’d say!

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