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Dead City Ruins  - Never Say Die

Dead City Ruins - Never Say Die

Label : AFM Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Dead City Ruins releases with 'Never Say Die' the important third album. The Australian band now has the necessary (tour) experience and that can be heard on the album. It has become a very mature classic hard rock album where the fun of playing music shines through. In that respect, a comparison with Monster Truck is in place. It is the same kind of enthusiasm that characterizes both bands. Rock and roll in a pure form without any pretentions packed in bright short songs like 'We Are One' and 'Devil Man'. Here and there some blues is added to the songs ('Destroyer') or an acoustic guitar like in 'The River Song'. There is little to criticize on this album or it should be a somewhat overdriven drum sound or the short playing time of only thirty minutes without the three live bonus tracks. Dead City Ruins knows where their strengths lie. However, it is not earth shocking.

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