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Negative Self - Control The Fear

Negative Self - Control The Fear

Label : BDHW Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Negative Self (Stockholm / Sweden) debuted with a self-titled CD / LP on High Roller Records in 2015. Now the band is signed with BDHW Records. Maybe you haven’t heard from Negative Self yet, but if I tell you the band consists of ex-members of Oppression and Dr. Living Dead, you might be interested in checking their new album ‘Control The Fear’ out. The people at BeatDownHardWear have produced CD’s, vinyls in various limited edition colors and a wide variety of t-shirts so do check out their merch shop to purchase everything you like.

Sometimes it’s hard to put a label on an act to distinguish what kind of music they play, but this really wasn’t much of a challenge with Negative Self: the band is adulating Suicidal Tendencies and some of its subsidiaries such as No Mercy and Cyco Miko. ‘Control The Fear’ therefore has become a total S.T. worship rip-off, but its better well stolen than badly invented. Anyway, Negative Self’s music could easily be added to Suicidal Tendencies ‘Friends And Family’ album volume two (if that one ever will be released).

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