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Wolfpack - Loathe

Wolfpack - Loathe

Label : BDHW Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : After ‘Screw This Life’ (mini album, 2013) and ‘None Above / None Equal’ (2016), Wolfpack returns with ‘Loathe’, which is out on BDHW in various formats: digital, CD and some limited edition colored vinyls. Check the BDHW online shop for info and prices. Of course, Wolfpack isn’t the best band name you’ve ever heard of, because there are many acts that go by the same name. This pack of wolves hails from Paris / France and they are ready to rumble! BeatDownHardWear is one of my favorite hardcore labels because they always deliver the goods with good quality products. ‘Loathe’ is one more precious diamond in BDHW’s crown. Wolfpack is more heavy than the usual suspects within BDHW’s wolves den, but this is more a pro than a con if you ask me. To me, Wolfpack is the Black Sabbath of hardcore: they are raw, mean and mighty heavy. Heavier than thou…

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