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Black Mamba - Heritage

Black Mamba - Heritage

Label : Dooweet | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : From central Italy debut album 'Heritage' from heavy rockers Black Mamba reaches us. It may not seem important to state where a certain band is hailing from, it is all about the music after all, but I always find it more than interesting to know their whereabouts, because this has an influence on the lyrics, the music and the vocals. Everything. And that influence is usually a positive one, it has a certain charm to be able to put the striking features of a band into the right context.

At first, Black Mamba sounds just like any other female-fronted metal band, but none of that is true. First of all, they do not have any of the unnecessary symphonic drama, which is quite a relief. I must admit that Irma Mirtilla's powerful and striking vocals sound a bit over-dramatic here and there, but they sound sincere and not like they are a gimmick. If you do think this is some kind of trick I would ask you to take a closer listen to the music. There is a healthy dose of professionalism there. Technically it is very well put together and it even sounds a bit like mathcore sometimes, but again, without the unnecessary complications. Especially Cecilia Nappo's bass playing is noticeably headstrong, peculiar and original. It did not surprise me at all when I found out this was the same bass player I had been watching and enjoying as a member of Claudio Simonetti's Goblin at Netherlands Deathfest not too long ago. As a comparison: I always very much enjoy listening to Gary Thain's unique basslines in Uriah Heep songs. Cecilia does the same. I think headstrong and peculiar are probably the best words to describe Black Mamba. The lyrics too are quite personal and interesting and show a kind of casualness towards the current norms and values. That's Rock 'n Roll. And then there is the artwork: hats off to that. Interesting and straight in your face comic-style. All in all 'Heritage' is an album I invite you to listen to two or three times and I am pretty sure that will be enough to make you love it.

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