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BY’CE - Abyss Of The Mind

BY’CE - Abyss Of The Mind

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : French singer/songwriter/guitarist BY’CE used to be in a band called Samsara. Back in 2006 he decided to take matters in to his own hands and started the BY’CE project. With ‘Abyss Of The Mind’ he has his second album released under the BY’CE moniker. Prog and symfo are the main influences for BY’CE. The guitar work is pretty good with some very nice and melodic solos. Besides that, drummer Denis Codfert is pretty solid and impressive with some nice accents in the way he plays. ‘The Great Dance’ starts off with some oriental sounds and evolves into a nice track, that is carried by a very nifty guitar riffing. The addition of some electronic and industrial sounds make this a very nice proggy song. Ambiance and setting a fitting mood is an important part for the BY’CE project and they succeed to create the right vibe in their music. A song like ‘Hidden In My Dreams’ is a fine example. Especially the quiet breakdown in the song is spot on with moody soundbites. It is this song that really shows the addition of a percussionist, Vince Parchomenko, as an added value. ‘Run’ is a bit less complicated and more accessible. It also shows that BY’CE himself is not the most gifted vocalist. But, that what is offered on ‘Abyss Of The Mind’ musically compensates this. ‘You Must Hang On’ is a bit slower and threatening sound wise. The instrumental introduction would not be out of place as a soundtrack for a film noir. All compositions are adventurous and interesting. A sort of ‘modern day Dream Theater light’. BY’CE project has plenty of potential. ‘Abyss Of The Mind’ is the example of that.

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