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Disturbance - Tox Populi

Disturbance - Tox Populi

Label : Dirty Old Man Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ren� : Lords of Metal is of course a metal webzine, but now and then we wonder off to other styles of extreme music. Is this case it's punk. And not just normal punk! Disturbance hails from Rotterdam, The Netherlands and has been around for over twenty years. While dozens of other bands in this style have vanished from Planet Earth these just guys just keep on going and they just released their third full-length album. Disturbance plays a kind of mixture between UK82 punk with hints of OI! And even some melodic punk sounds. Think of The Exploited, GBH and UK Subs. What stands out most is that every track is a jewel on its own, so it's difficult to pick some songs that really stand out. Doing so I will mention 'Exhale The Peroxide' (can't get it out of my head) and 'For You' (sticks in my head even more). The record as a whole is just great and it's been sitting in my CD-player for weeks on end. If you don't like this you're just not punk or you lack taste, PERIOD!

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