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Sentient Horror - The Crypts Below

Sentient Horror - The Crypts Below

Label : Redefining Darkness Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : Sentient Horror released an absolute mammoth of a debut album back in 2016 in the (ungodly) forms of ’Ungodly Forms’. And now there is reason to rejoice once again, because the Americans are about to release some new tunes on the world: an EP entitled ‘The Crypts Below’.

The quartet centered around guitarist/vocalist Matt Moliti keep the quality at the same high level they achieved on ‘Ungodly Forms’ for this five track release. Grooving OSDM, most often pretty fast, full of variation, cool leads and big riffs. The band match melody, grooves and catchiness with raw brutality. This results in an on the one hand modern sounding and on the other hand definitely “classic” oldschool Swedeath album, which only has killer tracks on it, if you ask me. The quality of the songs by Sentient Horror is up there with all time greats from way back and present times, such as Grave, Bloodbath and Edge Of Sanity. Speaking of the latter, Sentient Horror have recorded a Edge Of sanity cover (‘Darkday’), which is the EP’s closer. I don’t want to waste too many words on this, just go and listen to ‘The Crypts Below’ for yourself ASAP if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or OSDM in general. ‘The Crypts Below’ will be out on CD (regular and digipack) and LP (black and orange/black splatter).

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