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Cadaver Putrefacto - La Maldicion Del Zombi Errante

Cadaver Putrefacto - La Maldicion Del Zombi Errante

Label : Brutal Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : About two weeks ago I already said that the Spanish language harmonizes perfectly with death metal. Also in the case of the Argentinean Cadaver Putrefacto the use of this sometimes very snappy sounding language is a great combination with their forceful death metal and provides the vocals with a very unique sound. Certainly, the trend of the last years goes more often to the use of native languages and this is nor exceptional anymore, nor very creative, but of course it is still not a thing you hear every day. But when we are honest, a non-metalhead could not hear any difference anyway.

And what can you expect from the debut ‘La Maldicion Del Zombi Errante’? That’s easy: very common brutal death metal. Some old-school death metal hearts will certainly beat faster, but besides the vocals, there is just too little variety and little news to be seen. Here and there the gentlemen try to freshen up the whole with some freewheeling basslines, but I don’t get a feeling for that. Maybe the ideas that are there could have been housed in less songs, ten where probably gripped too high. It would certainly have benefited the tension. ‘La Madicion Del Zombi Errante’ is certainly not a dud and there is the right death metal feeling. Brutal, guttural and heavy and at a concert it will certainly tempt you to bang and to mosh, but it didn’t make a lasting impression on me.

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