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Blood Of The Wolf - II: Campaign Of Extermination

Blood Of The Wolf - II: Campaign Of Extermination

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : Three years after the publication of the debut album ‘I: The Law of Retaliation’ we are pleased to welcome the follow-up: ‘II: Campaign Of Extermination’ of the Chicago-based quartet Blood Of The Wolf. And again we are provided with blackened death metal in its purest form.

The guys from have refrained from a big, theatrical and exaggerated intro or other disturbing features and only focus on what really matters: the music. Once again we get a good portion of uncompromising death metal with an incredibly deep black soul, and here I sometimes ask myself how crazy it is that something so dark and filthy can fulfill you in this way and make you feel so happy. And holy shit, there is a speed in the riffing of these guys. They have a tempo like a machinegun- and at the other moment they just got you by your throat and commit a straight attack on your ears, but also on your soul. So tight and with endless, aggressive energy these eight songs pass away too fast. Do you also need a portion of blackened death? With ‘II: Campaign Of Extermination’ this need will certainly be satisfied!

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