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Therion - Blood Of The Dragon

Therion - Blood Of The Dragon

Label : Stygian Crypt Productions | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Therion recently released the three-piece rock opera album ’Beloved Antichrist’ and at this very moment the band is doing a European tour with Imperial Age as support act. Now the news comes out of the blue that Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions released a special double album featuring all kinds of cover versions. ‘Blood Of The Dragon’ includes two hours of recognizable melodies for the fans.

The first disc includes eight songs covered by Therion itself. It goes from Metallica to Accept, from Thin Lizzy to Venom, from Fleetwood Mac to Iron Maiden and from Mercyful Fate to Motörhead. Knowing Therion, you’ll be sure it is done to a turn and quite amusing to hear their signature versions. The first disc is completed with live versions of ‘Perennial Sophia’ (that remains a great song!) and ‘Raven Of Dispersion’. The second disc gives the opportunity to cover a Therion song by unknown bands. We are mainly dealing with bands hailing from East Europe and Russia, except for the contribution of Belgian Theudho who is present with a version of ‘Schwarzalbenheim’. It kicks off with Bulgarian Ghost Warfare, Mare Infinitum and Frozen Ocean are familiar names as well. Most remarkable happens to be the contribution of Imperial Age, a band that is touring with Therion at the moment. Recently they released the new album (a rock opera), called ‘The Legacy Of Atlantis’. Alex Osipov is the main man in the band and they are signed by Christofer Johnsson’s own label Adulruna Records. It remains in the family, so to speak. For diehard Therion fans this might be an expedition in search of hidden treasures.

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