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Witchtower / Blackslash - A Tribute To Randy

Witchtower / Blackslash - A Tribute To Randy

Label : Iron Shield Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : It is indeed peculiar/special that the Danish trio Randy, that existed in between 1981-1987 and released only a single and a demo back in the day, has such a cult status in the heavy metal underground. Not that they don’t deserve it, because their typical heavy metal (and namely NWOBHM) definitely had the necessary quality, power and charm, but still I find it peculiar.

The old-school heavy metallers from Witchtower (Spain) and Blackslash (Germany), who celebrate 80s heavy metal and whose styles fit perfectly with Randy’s have joined forced and will deliver this EP next month as a – as the title already suggests – tribute to Randy. Each band is represented with a Randy cover and two new originals as an introduction of their upcoming new albums. From Witchtower we get a good performance of the magnificent ‘The Beast’; the B-side of the 1986 ‘Shadows Are Falling’ single. The song has been left in its value completely, and if you wouldn’t know any better, you could easily think that this was a different performance by Randy itself. The two new original compositions prove that Witchtower has not strayed one bit from what we have heard from them so far, and that is a comforting fact.

From Blackslash we get a great performance of ‘It’s Got To Be Love’ from the 1987 demo, which in my opinion is stronger than the original. Besides the fact that the performance is tighter and more powerful than the original, it also comes more into its own thanks to the good, clear production. Regarding the two original tracks also Blackslash proves to have continued on the same path as on their previous works and they sound very promising for the new album, ‘Lightning Strikes Again’, which will be released in May on Iron Shield Records. All in all this is a tasty snack and a nice release for the fans of old-school heavy metal in general. I must however say that – partly because of the title, but also due to the quality of the covers – I would have liked to hear Randy material.

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