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J.B.O. - Deutsche Vita

J.B.O. - Deutsche Vita

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : World famous and generally appreciated in homeland Germany, unknown and not understood anywhere else. The jokesters from J.B.O. have been active for almost three decades and have booked significant successes, among which millions of records sold and several chart entries, with pure nonsense, gimmicks and parodies.

On their twelfth studio album, ‘Deutsche Vita’, the quartet handles the same old formula and come with metal parodies of (mainly) famous tracks. On this record they have limited themselves to only German(-language) (pop) songs. I admit that I’m not familiar with the majority of the originals, so I don’t have a referring point (with the exception of ‘Karneval In Sodom’, which is a parody of Sodom’s ‘Bombenhagel’). Seeing that my knowledge of the German language is quite decent and I also can appreciate this type of humor in general, I must say that I have quite amused myself again with this album. In general the material is also a bit stronger and less corny (read: uninspired) than on the last LP ’11’. The “genius” that I missed on that album is fortunately again more present on ‘Deutsche Vita’, and therefore the album is more appealing to me than its predecessor. For German(speaking) metallers with a sense of humour and for those who could appreciate the band’s previous works ‘Deutsche Vita’ is another fun release. As for the rest no one will get it. In other words a typical J.B.O. album.

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