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Inner Core - Soultaker

Inner Core - Soultaker

Label : Echozone | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Inner Core is a band that proves with their self-released debut album that it is possible to deliver a great sound on your first album. It is a beautiful breathing sound that almost makes it possible to hear the heartbeat of the music. The album is recorded in the Spacelab Studio’s. The one responsible for the recordings and final mix is Christian ‘Mochus’ Moos, he is known form the band Everon. Now we know that the sound is good, the final questions that remain are about the song writing and the craftsmanship of the musicians. There are no bad marks but there are two musicians that shine a bit more than the others. The first is lead dinger Anne, she is blessed with a good voice however she does not convince on all songs on this album. One reason is that some songs simply are too simple. That is a point of criticism, some songs are very nice compositions but some do not enthusiast me because of the simplicity. A song like ‘Blame’ is one of these songs. On the other side there are songs like ‘Soultaker’, ‘Keep The Distance’ and ‘Into Eternity’ where the songwriting and Anne receive very good marks. Also there is Arthur who plays the ‘keys’. He is visible throughout the whole album, at moments very prominent, at other moments he fills in the gaps. But most important: he brings the album to a higher level.

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