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Jungle Rot - What Horrors Await

Jungle Rot - What Horrors Await

Label : Victory Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Sicktus : In anticipation of the new Jungle Rot record, album number nine and the First since 'Order Shall Prevail' came out in 2015, Victory Records decided to do a re-release of 'What Horrors Await'. About that new album being ”album nine”, the band (and/or label) do count this a bit differently, they call the upcoming release album ten, probably counting the demo ‘Skin The Living’ as an album.

Anyway. The 'What Horrors Await' re-release. Musically, there is no need to introduce these guys: blunt, in your face, straightforward, big grooves. A catchy, swinging, grooving, very heavy bulldozer.
So, on to the re-release itself. The album originally came out in 2009 and was the Wisconsinites’ fifth full-length, back in the day. Because 'What Horrors Await' apparently didn’t get too much distribution back then and it hasn’t been available for some time, Victory Records think there is a market for another go. The album got a new mix and mastering, but comparing the re-release and original, I don’t think they really changed that much. Besides the tweaking of the sound, they choose to do a one-on-one re-release, so nothing bonus, extra or special. Nothing wrong with that I guess, and if there is a market for it, go for it, but some extra tracks or line notes would have been nice. A smart move nonetheless, because the timing of the re-release gives them some promotional opportunities to herald the coming of the new album early on.

Something that is quite nice for the fans / collectors: 'What Horrors Await' will also be out on (yellow coloured) vinyl for the first time, scheduled for release on Record Store Day 2018. Cool! All we need now is a green version to complete the green & yellow of that other Wisconsin pride, the Green Bay Packers!

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