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Messa - Feast For Water

Messa - Feast For Water

Label : Aural Music Group | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Messa, isn’t that that band who released ‘Belfry’ two years ago? An album that due to the positioning of the songs and extreme variation in styles on offer came across disjointed and made less of an impact than was to be expected on the basis of loose songs? Yes, it is that Italian band. Wondering how the band went about it this time I put ‘Feast For Water’ in the player. Proceedings are opened with an intro and what follows are six songs and an outro. Now there clearly is cohesion and the styles are merged well within the songs themselves. Everything sounds a lot more natural and less forced. Besides on a musical that is also the case with Sara’s vocals which at points sound fragile and at other points powerful. Messa delivers an exciting form of doom with loads of contrasts in the form of ‘Feast For Water’. Such as almost blues sounding guitar parts and jazzy saxophone parts (just listen to ‘Tulsi’). At times super lethargic and slow and at other times speedy, fast. The album is characterized by loads of variation. Soundwise it sounds really authentic Seventies. All nice and fuzzy, but not too much, but due to this possessing a nice raw edge.

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