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Secret Illusion - Awake Before The Dawn

Secret Illusion - Awake Before The Dawn

Label : Lion Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Secret Illusion? Though this is the bands third album already they never managed to reach our little magazine nor my attention. After the fun 80’s intro with 80’s synthesizers Stratovarius-style, the reason for this becomes clear quite fast. Turns out this band just has very little to show for. In ‘Neverland’ we can hear very standard power metal with a quality that can be called mediocre at best. Very little variation in guitar sounds, barely a bass guitar to be heard in the mix and the keyboard tricks we have used like a quadrillion times are the reasons of this. And then the vocals of Vasilis are still unmentioned. The man is definitely capable of some singing, but he has a hugely annoying sound and he continuously forces himself in registers he simply can’t reach. ‘Fall Of Human Kind’ is a decent piece of up-tempo power metal, though the amount of recycled ingredients can barely get any higher. ‘Hope Is Lost’ sees the vocals drop in height a bit here and there, which causes a dramatic improvement in listenability. The last three song then are long and slow, and that is where things get truly annoying. Goodness, what an annoying way of singing does that guy have! If you listen this back it should make you nervous about yourself I’d imagine!

Leave this album where it is, this is a textbook example of how a piece of music that is mediocre by itself can be professionally strangled by the vocals.

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