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Hypno5e - Alba – Les Ombres Errantes

Hypno5e - Alba – Les Ombres Errantes

Label : Pelagic Records | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Hypno5e hails from France, as if that’s not a given. The post-metal collective is mainly focused on creating a melancholic picture and supporting that with an acoustic soundtrack where technical prowess is fused with emotive playing. Matter of fact, a movie was show in collaboration with the band – quite the ambitious project – and this album is the official soundtrack of said movie. The bio I received about the album keeps going on and on about it, but seeing as how most of the listeners will stay bereft of the visuals, I don’t see the relevance in discussing those visuals here.

What I will say is that the long, drawn out compositions on this album do lend themselves very well to a cinematic concept. Many of the acoustic guitars on this album (and the album is filled to the brim with acoustic guitars) give off an Ennio Moricone vibe that isn’t necessarily western for most of it (outside of maybe ‘Cuarto del Alba’). A lot of time and effort has been put into the production and it pays off – it sounds exactly like what the music needs and the sonic qualities of the album are stellar. I mean, doesn’t this all sound great? Well, it is, but it’s far too long and will only appeal to a niche market that’s very keen on acoustics. If you’re not adept in letting your mind wander on melancholy and wonder, leave this album be because you’ll get bored by the second song. If you are, however, looking for a journey through emotion and don’t mind giving up a lot of time to really get into it, give this album a shot.

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