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Ascension - Under Ether

Ascension - Under Ether

Label : World Terror Committe | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : It’s been four years since Ascension released ‘The Dead Of The World’. An album chockful of orthodox black metal which was generally hailed well, but just fell a tiny bit short of debut album ‘Consolamentum’. The German gentlemen now return at the front with ‘Under Ether’. Still as orthodox as ever and as black as soot and grimy as hell. Even though it comes across a little more melodic than before. The guitar parts and solos stick after just one listen. But don’t be afraid, despite this aspect it still comes across all vicious, malicious and evil. The slight dissonance I seemed to discern on ‘The Dead Of The World’, has disappeared totally. This sees to it that it has become more compact and that a certain form of cohesion has entered the equation. It all sounds a bit more mature. However, the music’s expressiveness remains as great as ever, or maybe even gained a bit. All in all ‘Under Ether’, once again, turned into a mighty fine slab of orthodox black metal and is to be recommended to all fans of the genre.

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