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Adversor - The End Of Mankind

Adversor - The End Of Mankind

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Born from the ashes of H.o.S. (Harvester Of Sorrow) Adversor released its powerful debut, ’Rise To Survive’ in 2016. Although the music from the Italian quartet offered nothing new or original (which to me is something positive in general), the band fully convinced with their old-school extreme thrash metal in the vein of Legion Of The Damned, and ancient Sodom, Kreator, Morbid Saint and co.

On their second LP, ‘The End Of Mankind’, the band around the Cardi brothers has fortunately not strayed one bit from the sound and style they revealed on their first record. All in all my review for the debut fully applies to this album as well. And yes, it is as tasty. Adversor has again delivered an old-fashioned, merciless thrash grenade that awakens your deepest hate and frustration and the fitting need for destruction, and invites you to at least mistreat your neck muscles for half an hour. Again the gentlemen come with damn catchy riffs and ditto stirring aggressive vocals, blastbeats and mid-tempo pounders, along with the necessary solos and melodies. This album has all that you may expect from a decent thrash album. So what difference does it make if it’s not original or new? Not a damn thing. So just shut down your brain and simply start thrashing.

The only pity is that halfway through we get the mellow, acoustic ‘… Of Death And Dying’ shoved down the throat. Because even though this song last only a minute and a half, it completely destroys the album’s flow and the aggressive vibe, and is just an annoying break in between the beautiful violence. Apart from that ‘The End Of Mankind’ is simply a tasty thrasher that will definitely apply to the fans of the genre, of the aforementioned bands and bands such as Morbid Saint, Deathraiser, Violator, Farscape and compatriots Game Over and Ultra-Violence.

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