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Blackberry Smoke - Find A Light

Blackberry Smoke - Find A Light

Label : Earache | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Oh my god. What a disappointment. Yes, cut the crap: I am honest and direct: the new album from Blackberry Smoke is an absolute waste of time. I've been following the band for years and until now their albums were definitely worth it, even though they did not come close to the work of bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws or Widespread Panic. The band sounds uninspiring, does everything on autopilot and there is not a single track on this album that sticks in your head.

Yes, it is already the sixth studio album of the guys from Atlanta, but it is one to forget as quickly as possible. The album opens with 'Flesh And Bone' that is built around a very slow, rather heavy riff, after which we hear a country sing-along with 'Run Away From It All' that George Strait would not be ashamed of. And I do not mean that as a compliment by the way. Yes, Charlie Starr still has a lazy, nice voice but the laziness of his voice seems to have been beaten to the rest of the band. And then certainly in the time that they have written the songs; they must have been half asleep. What a bunch of boring crap songs are on this release. The band is only interesting during the acoustic songs like 'I've Got This Song' (although the lyrics of this song are crap as well) and to a lesser extent 'Medicate My Mind'. Flashing guitars are virtually nowhere, with the exception of a small revival in 'I'll Keep Ramblin', in which the band gets assistance from Robert Randolph and a gospel choir. But across the board I miss the energy, quality and passion of bands like Molly Hatchet or Atlanta Rhythm Section; that level of composing songs these guys simply do not approach.

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