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Convocation - Scars Across

Convocation - Scars Across

Label : Everlasting Spew Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : What do you get when you put multi-instrumentalist LL of Desolate Shrine and vocalist MN of Dark Buddha Rising together in a room as Convocation and let Dan Lowndes (Cruciamentum, Imindain, ex-Profetus) do the mastering in his Resonance Sound Studio? Indeed, you’ll get a monster of an album called ‘Scars Across’. Fifty minutes of provocative doom death with funeral doom influences and slight psychedelic sounds. More layered than the hell and more mesmerizing than a snake charmer with his cobras. Four long songs of torture, torment. Chinese water torture, waterboarding, bamboo shoots under fingernails torture, but always with that glimmer of hope that it will all end well. Wrong… suffer you will till the end of days. And what delightful and glorious suffering it is for the masochists amongst us. Absolutely to be recommended to fans of extreme doom death. Do you enjoy and revel in the sounds of bands such as Tyranny, Wormphlegm, Senthil, Stabat Mater then get your mitts on ‘Scars Across’ by Finnish ‘hopefuls ‘Convocation’ as soon as possible.

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