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Demonical - Chaos Manifesto

Demonical - Chaos Manifesto

Label : Agonia Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : The Swedish band Demonical has been around for quite some time now and is presenting its fifth album with 'Chaos Manifesto'. I am not familiar with the other four, but all are reviewed elsewhere on these pages. The album opens with 'A Void Most Obscure', a rather cliché, old-school death metal song. Here I again fear that this is a record that is nice but also no more than that. With successor 'Towards Greater Gods', however, all shades of grey pass before my eyes. This song has an unprecedented melody combined with blunt aggression and beautiful guitar leads. Check it out yourself. With 'Sung To Possess' they unfortunately take a back, but only to return in full glory with 'Välkommen Undergång'. On the remainder of album this level of songwriting is maintained and the enjoyment is a fact. You can enjoy up-tempo death metal that is well cared for. The vocals are brutal, aggressive and convincing. The melodies are strong and the atmosphere is pretty evil. The frequent use of the double bass makes the album seem quite massive. Yet the sound is not completely filled up and has an open character. Disadvantages however are also there. For example, overall the melodies are very similar and the songs almost all have the same structure. Anyway, not paying attention to these details, I am completely enjoying the easy going, yet heavy death metal. For me this is pure enjoyment and is that not exactly what it’s all about? The band consists of former members of Cenitex, and in terms of sound you can place them between Amon Amarth and the very old In Flames (at the time of ‘Lunar Strain’). By far the most songs are strong, but 'Death Unfaithful' rules the most.

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