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HEADS. - Collider

HEADS. - Collider

Label : This Charming Man Records | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : When I read the title of the first song of this album, 'At The Coast', I got really happy. It reminded me of imaginary days at some English beach, with roofed, wicker beach chairs, playing children and somewhere off in the distance an icecream vendor. In fact, it reminded me of the famous painting by Georges Seurat, of a Sunday afternoon on the island. Careless, pleasant, happy. Until I put on the actual record. At that moment a heavy shadow was cast upon the mild, green landscape that I had painted in my head, and "A Day In The Park" suddenly became "A Day In the Dark." And that is an interesting observation. The term dark seems to be popping up more occasionally than before when I am reading reviews or scanning cd booklets looking for what style a band has. There never is an explanation about what dark means though, and I must admit that that this freedom of the imagination is quite a relief in the heavy metal world, where labels and categories are so abundant. In my opinion, dark is a template (as opposed to an actual musical category) that you can attach to any kind of music if you add the proper ingredients. A dissonance here, a well spoken, pessimistic sentence there, all of them ways to make any subject something dark and thoughtful. And when you look at things in that way terms like dark rock, dark blues and dark grunge suddenly make sense, and all three of these terms are really excellent ways of describing the kind of music HEADS creates. What an incredibly great way of making music!

Title track 'Collider' may be the best example of these terms. It is a song that contains only vocals and the occasional slap on the guitar, and yet, when you listen to it you will realize that you are dealing with something very heavy-hearted. This is not music that you put on as some kind of background, no, this is music that you sit down for, listen to carefully and let it do its work in your mind. It is a very good thing that there are people able to create this kind of music. Each and every song, starting with 'At The Coast', and moving on through 'Mannequin' and 'Wolves At The Door' towards the final song 'Youth', shows some kind of genius in darkness. If you are looking for a slow, steady, comfortable descent into total destruction, this album is the one for you.

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