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Kingfisher Sky - Technicoloured Eyes

Kingfisher Sky - Technicoloured Eyes

Label : Suburban | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : In February of 2017 the Dutch symphonic metal outfit Kingfisher Sky released the EP ‘To Turn The Tables’, on which unfortunately only the more than ten minutes long and very varied title track was featured. A little more than a year later this EP is now followed by this meanwhile fourth full-length studio album ‘Technicoloured Eyes’, on which this six-piece band clearly shows that they absolutely don’t limit themselves concerning their musical influences. The basis is still symphonic (hard) rock, but the music is soaked with pieces of progressive rock, folk, pop and classical music, which accounts for a lovely album full of variety I might say.

Even more so, on this ‘Technicoloured Eyes’ Kingfisher Sky sounds more varied than ever and as a listener you really have to have an open mind for that. At the first listen the record immediately arouses your interest, after which with each next spin you’ll be grabbed more by what the band has to offer you. You keep on discovering new elements in the musical journey that Kingfisher Sky has created for you and as such the record proves to be a real grower. Tunes like opening track ‘Sky Scrape Window’, the emotional ‘Cornelia’ (a musical ode to the much to early deceased Chris Cornell), ‘Swimming Against The Tide’, ‘Technicoloured Eyes’ and ‘Dream Beyond A Dream’ are all examples of how varied, symphonic (hard) rock should sound like and clearly show the strong development that the band has gone through.

As said you must really give the record the opportunity to grow, because only then the true beauty of the songs of offer will be displayed to you and will ‘Technicoloured Eyes’ become a very interesting listening experience. Also on this album female singer Judith Rijnveld is showing her vocal capabilities perfectly, while also the instrumentation is at the required level. I’m well aware of the fact that the adventurous and not too heavy character of this album will not be suited for everybody and therefore it makes sense to give the album a thorough listen before deciding on a possible purchase. The people who are in for a decent amount of musical adventure will just like me be impressed by what Kingfisher Sky has to offer on their fourth full-length album.

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