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Children Of The Reptile  - The End

Children Of The Reptile - The End

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Children Of The Reptile is a heavy metal band from Wilmington, North Carolina and debut on Lords Of Metal with their second full length CD 'The End'. In their own words the band is influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica but also a band like Mastodon. Sounds interesting so let's start the album. The opening track 'Gravemaster' is an absolute cracker and also the following 'Maneater Mildred' is certainly not bad at all. Double guitar parts, excellent vocals and a good pace ensure an enthusiastic start of the CD. What is striking is that all the influences together an original sound is created. With all the aforementioned bands there is a link.

After the first three songs where the tempo is high, 'Hour Of The Serpent' starts with an atmospheric intro, after which the heaviness returns again with a number of riffs that resemble Maiden and Metallica. With more than seven minutes this is the longest track on the record, where halfway through an acoustic piece is incorporated after when the song continues with Thin Lizzy like melodies. One should hear this to understand how well it all fits together. A great guitar solo completes this top song. 'Mankind's Epitaph' then serves as an intro for 'In The Year 19XX' which starts as a Slayer song and then continues as traditional heavy metal in Priest style with Metallica influences. Again, those Thin Lizzy-like double guitar parts and beautiful guitar solos from both guitarists Ozzie Darden and Chris Millard. To name everyone on bass David "Pils" Hufham and on drums Chase Kelly.

The other songs all show the same kind of cocktail of styles so I can imagine that for metal enthusiasts who want to know what kind of style they can expect of a band it is sometimes difficult to follow. Especially when in the rock-hard 'Cro-Magnon Combat' and 'Cultist' some death grunts pass by. Personally, I like it when a band does not make it too easy for the listener. Not saying that the music of Children Of The Reptile would not be accessible because strange enough it is. But before my review becomes even more confusing a final tip. Listen to this album!

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