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Northwind Wolves - Dark... Cold... Grim...

Northwind Wolves - Dark... Cold... Grim...

Label : Black Lion Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Northwind Wolves - Dark ... Cold ... Grim ... At first sight we are dealing here with some Scandinavian black metal band from the High North, but nothing could be further from the truth: Northwind Wolves hails from the southwest of the United States, to be specific Los Angeles, California. Not exactly the most dark and cold place in the world, but hey, they will still be playing black metal right? The album cover reminds me of Dark Funeral's 'The Secrets Of The Black Arts' so that will be definitely okay.

Not! From the first notes it is clear that this is a reproduction of later Dimmu. Melodic, symphonic black metal that should radiate darkness and grimness, but fails at that. The excessive keyboards, the worst sounding snare drum in years, the monotone Shagrath-like vocals and guitars that are too low in the mix are not helping 'Dark... Cold... Grim…to reach an above average level and with song titles like 'Majestic Fog On The Everlasting Mountain' and 'Entrance To The Dark Universe' you do not count towards the originality prize of course. I miss this originality, authenticity, an x-factor, a point where you can say: I believe that these guys are on this cold freaking mountain. Original: Emperor check. Authentic: Limbonic Art check. X-factor: Carach Angren check. Immortal, Taake, Isvind: I believe that those guys are on that cold freaking mountain. Fans of symphonic black metal could appreciate this, but all the aforementioned bands in the genre have released better stuff.

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