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Hellavista - Robolution

Hellavista - Robolution

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : With Stephen Hawking, the world lost one of its most influential characters in modern history. A man that was not only of huge importance to modern physics and our view on space and time, but also was on the front line of warning us against the dangers of unlimited technology. Just at this point the Austrian band Hellavista releases its debut album that also deals with this topic.

‘Robolution’ is a very decent groovy thrash album with the versatile vocals of “Dirty Harry” in the central spotlight. The man can do both grunts and shouting vocals and manages to alternate between those quite well. The first song ‘Robolution’ (that starts with a puking sound) the band showcases some fine quality. The tight rhythm section completed with inventive riffs makes your head nod along with the music as if on autopilot, and the death metal-like interlude (in which you hear the message “kill all humans” being grunted in computer language) is a nice change of pace in the song. The killer of many a thrash album, which is called “too much of the same”, is avoided in ‘Kill All Demons’ and ‘Screwdriving Away’ by suddenly adding keyboards. With ‘Rest In Pain’, the album closes very cliché, but the biting solo at the end makes up for a lot of that. Hellavista is a thrash band holding some promise. Versatile and strong songs make ‘Robolution’ a fine album in the genre.

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