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Serotonin - Stele

Serotonin - Stele

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Serotonin from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, have been going at it for at least thirteen years now and have released only two demos, two full-lengths and three EPs in that period of time. ‘Stele’ is EP number three and contains four songs clocking in at a total of nineteen minutes. Like before the music is characterized by avant-garde black which is at times reminiscent of bands such as Ved Buens Ende and Virus. Now and then some industrial can be heard, which conjures up visions of Anaal Nathrakh for me. Serotonin manages to mould it all into a coherent sound. Not at a single point do the two gentlemen lose control of their sonic vehicle. They manage to keep it all on track even though the corners are approached as sharp as possible. ‘Stele’ harbours interesting exciting avant-garde black which enters the ear canals quite facile. It does challenge the listener, but not in such a way that he/she will throw in the towel. It captivates from beginning to end. So no experimenting and trying to come across all difficult for the sake of it. Unlike a lot of bands within the genre.

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