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Godthrymm - The Grand Reclamation

Godthrymm - The Grand Reclamation

Label : Transcending Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : I cannot image a better moment for a first encounter with Godthrymm and their first MCD ‘The Grand Reclamation’ than right now, since I just listened to the new Solstice album ‘White Horse Hill’. Three members of Godthrymm appear to have a past in Solstice: vocalist/guitarist Hamish Glencross (also ex-My Dying Bride, Vallenfyre), Shaun Steels (drums, once in Anathema) and Lee Netherwood (here as guitarist, once bass in Solstice). Completed with the last recruited musician, Rich Mumford of Malediction, they have started a new entity and the first gigs are already planned.

These musicians who know each other for many years have chosen Dan Mullins and the famous Academy Studios to record three lengthy songs and a kind of outro as first immortalization of their achievements. And that is obviously epic doom metal. Consequently it kicks off in quite a traditional manner with the title track and its melodious leads, doom riffs and wandering notes to build up tension slowly. However, when vocals join in, it demands adaption. Kind of getting used to forced chants, although others might call it passionate. It is a matter of taste. Fine are the fervent guitar skills with acceleration. It is already getting clear that they are more fast-paced than Solstice. In ‘Sacred Soil’ we fortunately have less forced vocals, with a touch of seventies smooth heavy rocking bliss. The once again lengthy ‘The Pantheon’ verges to Candlemass, it includes rather storytelling vocals and the über riffs and soloing define the musical spectrum. They wind up with a short relax instrumental piece on guitar ‘Forevermore’. Those who want more energy in their doom metal, will most likely prefer this above Solstice and it is fine that they are not just a copy of the band they are coming from. Done to a turn and great that they can already play at Bloodstock festival this Summer!

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