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Headless Crown - Century Of Decay

Headless Crown - Century Of Decay

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The debut album, ’Time For Revolution’ (2015) from Swiss quintet Headless Crown was definitely not disappointing. Although the album was no real highlight the gentlemen fully convinced with their honest, traditional heavy metal in the vein of Accept, U.D.O., Saxon, Black Sabbath, Grave Digger and co. On their second LP, ‘Century Of Decay’ the gentlemen fortunately continue on the same path. With the opening title track and especially the following ‘Radiant In Grey’ the sturdy, pounding riffs invite the head to go up and down old-fashionably and the party can begin. Unfortunately that doesn’t really happen with ‘The Blackness’! You see, this song is a lot more melodic and above all has more progressive character, which I simply don’t like. Although the song definitely has some beautiful moments it sounds a bit too lengthy and loses your attention. Fortunately ‘Grinder Of Souls’ does some damage control, but the album doesn’t really ignite.

Sadly that progressiveness and with it the lengthiness is something that we come across a bit too often on this record. I believe that the gentlemen have tried a bit too hard to prove of their abilities but have found a mare’s nest instead. On top of that I find the majority of the material, and especially the vocal lines to be rather uninspired, which causes the whole to have even less impact. The songs offer little hold-on by which the whole constantly collapses and the boredom strikes regularly. That unlike the debut that despite its simplicity simply rocked. With the aforementioned openers, the faster ‘The End’ and the pounding closers ‘Manipulators Of Dreamers’ and ‘Degree Absolute’ the album luckily does contain a few tracks that rock old-fashionably, but all in all the total picture keeps lingering somewhere in mediocrity. All in all ‘Century Of Decay’ is definitely not a bad album, but considering the amount of interesting releases in this genre alone, this album simply doesn’t have what it takes in order to stand out.

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