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Poem - Unique

Poem - Unique

Label : Vicisolum Productions | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Nowadays the Greek band Poem happens to be regularly in the spotlights. It took a while before the 2006 founded band came up with a successor for the debut album ‘The Great Secret Show’, but after the release of sophomore album ’Skein Syndrome’ (2016), which I grandly enjoyed in contrast with my colleague who reviewed that one, there was a constant flow of activity. In 2017 they toured in Europe with the sublime Persefone of Andorra and recently the band could be seen live in Hoofddorp (NL) on co-headline tour with Damnations Day. Now the third album ‘Unique’ is out and we are on the tiptoe of expectations to find out what the mix of progressive metal and alternative rock will offer us this time.

Plenty of things! This is the ‘new’ progressive style we love! Last year Soen ended up high in several lists of the year with ‘Lykaia’ and the music of this four piece has a lot similarities with this Swedish band. On top of that, also Tool and A Perfect Circle may be mentioned as points of reference that make sense. Add some grunge flavours to it and you have any guidelines what you can expect. ‘False Morality’ is a strong opening track: sturdy riffs are sublimated by the velvet voice of guitarist Giorgos Prokopiou. We can compare his voice with the one of Joel Ekelöf from Soen, brimming with emotions, now and then even tormented. The inciting chorus of ‘My Own Disorder’ sounds brave and stalwart, while Laurence Bergström adds many magnificent, beautiful guitar leads. Just listen to the longer ‘Four Cornered God’ with its dissonant riffs and experimental centerpiece. Dramatic tinged vocals are supported with acoustic guitars as well in ‘Euthanasia’ and the calm storytelling ‘Unique’, but in general dynamic heavy riffs are the backbone of the songs. And indeed, sometimes a raucous scream pops up and vocals get more explosive. That’s how they create a fine balance between resignation and proclaiming rage. In the marvelous occluding track ‘Brightness Of Loss’ it is once again perfectly illustrated. This band has enough own inventive ideas to be considered a welcome addition to the progressive scène. An amazing record!

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