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The Octopus - Supernatural Alliance

The Octopus - Supernatural Alliance

Label : Rise Above Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Octopus (or The Octopus) is a new rock band from the rockcity from past times, Detroit. Their debut album 'Supernatural Alliance' is a nice album that shows an inspired, hungry band that makes music on the cutting edge of hard rock, pop rock and stoner.

The album really opens brilliantly with the best song on the album, 'Beyond The Center' that reminds me of the groove of Kyuss. Wow, really nice stuff. In Masha Marjieh, the band has an excellent front woman with an excellent voice; a voice that she can use in various ways. Lovely floating in the title track and beautifully sensitive in the fragile first piece of 'Fleetwood Mac'. But she also knows how to enthuse you to take part in a real sing-along in 'Strike'. I am also charmed by guitarist (and bandleader) J Frezzato who has a beautiful sound and especially impresses in his riffs. Of added value are also the keyboards on this album, which give some tracks something extra ('Child Of Destiny'). Adam Cox with his keys is not emphatically in the foreground, but simply gives extra impulses to tracks that ask for it. Very nicely done. I really only miss a real bang, a (few) song (s) that would take the album to an even higher level. Let's hope that the band will come up with it on the next album. For now we can enjoy ourselves with 'Supernatural Alliance'.

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